Live Lighter - De-clutter your entire life from the ground up
Do Better - Make progress towards meaningful goals

Our system is built on two extremely simple principles:

1. Living lighter : Tread lightly on the earth and empty your life of excess "stuff"; you'll create space for meaning

2. Doing better : Productivity with a purpose; it's not about being busy, but about being fulfilled

We have two, easy-to-follow guides that will teach you how to activate each principle in your life. Implementing the system will lead to a state of less stress, more presence of mind, healthier relationships and a deep sense of gratitude.

We know this is unlike most of what is out there but that is because we believe that most people that need a lasting solution to organization and productivity issues don't need a million new productivity apps for their mobile device: they need a different way to think. The Minimal Mode is that different way.

Live Lighter - The Art of Minimalism

" does not accumulate but eliminate. It is not daily increase but daily decrease. The height of cultivation always runs to simplicity."
- Bruce Lee

The first step in re-gaining control of your life is re-gaining control of your stuff.

Most of us live completely weighed down by our possessions: our excess physical (and digital) baggage absorbs our attention and obscures or distracts us from the things that really make us deeply happy.

Minimal Mode's Organization System will teach you how to master your physical environment. We'll show you how to reduce or eliminate the things that crowd your life, so you can more easily focus on what matters and we'll also give you the tools you need to "stay lean".

Living lighter will create the ideal foundation from where your creative, productive and empathetic faculties can spring forth.


  • Get organized and eliminate your clutter once and for all
  • Streamline your digital existence: control your ballooning inbox, intelligently manage social media, and limit your reliance on technology
  • Reap the immense rewards of generosity and become a conscious consumer
  • Gain a deep and lasting sense of gratitude

Do Better - Meaningful Productivity

"He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

After you've cleared your life of clutter, you will have created the space to grow. Minimal Mode's Producitivty System will teach you how to establish meaningful goals while providing you the actual tools and strategies you need to realize them.

What differentiates our system is that we don't believe in productivity for productivity's sake. In other words, if you are "getting things done" but you still feel empty at the end of the day, we do not believe you are being productive, you are simply being kept busy!

Our approach, instead, focuses on purpose, results and balance. We call this state: "True Productivity". True Productivity does not require a 10 lbs. life planner or expensive time tracking software; it is a state of mind. Best of all, it can be learned and we'll teach you. Once you understand "True Productivity", we guarantee you will never see your time the same way again.


  • Use "True Productivity" to reclaim your life and get immediate results
  • Empower yourself by learning to see your time in a radically different way
  • Make significant strides on your personal projects and goals
  • Increase your presence of mind and experience life on a higher level


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