About the Founder

Hello and thanks so much for visiting! I created the Minimal Mode literally on the hunch that there were people out there who, like me, were overwhelmed by the information age and felt that there was a simpler, more rewarding way to live.

Hundreds of conversations and emails later, I have a strong feeling that my hunch was right. So many of us today are disillusioned by the trappings of modern progress; we have a nagging, irrepresible feeling that there is more to life than constantly buying stuff and going on the next binge vacation.

Throughout my time as a corporate lawyer on Wall St., I had the opportunity to meet some of the brightest and wealthiest people in this country. But some of these rich and talented people were some of the most unhappy people I had ever met. It puzzled me because they had every conceivable advantage in life: stellar educations, unmatched career prospects and incredibly high salaries, all of which could enable them to acquire anything our society valued.

That was until I realized how warped our society's values could be. Unlike poor countries, the problem wasn't a lack of stuff. Here, in the land of plenty, the problem was too much of it. In a consumer society, having more means that you are doing better. But I began to realize that contentment was not about having more, but was really about having less. To be more precise: being content revolved around having more of the right stuff (gratitude, genuine learning experiences, creative effort and healthy relationships) and less of the bad stuff (boundless material consumption, constant entertainment and other "sedatives").

I began wondering why many of us fill our lives with things that ultimately do not make us truly happy and had a small epiphany: people are afraid to confront themselves. We're afraid to look honestly at our existence; why we're on this planet, where we are going and what our purpose is. It's scary to think about those questions but once we answer them, what we can achieve and the impact we can make is limitless. Unfortunately, the pursuit of money, "stuff" and other distractions help us avoid the silence; they help us avoid that most critical conversation with ourselves. It's almost like we are afraid of the greatness that lies within us.

I knew that in order to change, two things would be needed: first would be figuring out how boil life down to what was essential, stripping away all that we've accumulated to distract us and cover our true selves up and second, would be figuring out what someone should do once they got to that minimal, undistracted stated.

Slowly, I began distilling the best I could find from hundreds of books, seminars, lectures and observations on productivity, minimalism and spirituality. Eventually, I decided to boil down my own "self-help" notes into a simple, two-step method that would enable anyone, no matter where they were starting from, to begin to implement change in their life immediately. The Minimal Mode was born.

I never did any fancy market tests for this website. I simply created it because I felt the message was too important not to say; as a tiny counterbalance to the forces in the world which tell us that the only way to be happy is to consume more, spend more and pursue more diversions. For me, this is more than a way to express my thoughts and earn a living; it's something I had to do. The world does have a lot of problems that need solving but let's clean our own houses first.

Thank you again, for visiting this site and taking the time to learn more about it. Anyone that knows me knows that it means the world to me.